Felt like free shipping...

Shopping online is the perfect thing, it makes heaps of sense not paying for parking in town, not braving the yucky winter weather, and being able to get things from the over side of the world... just like that. And honestly is there anything better than finding packages in the mail box? BUT one of my pet hates is postage extortion or outright refusal - if you are going to the post shop why can't you send it to New Zealand? Planes come here, really its ok!?

There is something super disheartening about finding a vintage bargain, or an awesome pair of boots online, going through to check out and finding it costs five times the price of the item to get it here. I've abandoned many an online shopping cart for just this reason.

So no postal charge day light robbery here. NOPE. From now on all our goodies bought through


are free of shipping charges. And our


shop is at cost, which means pretty cheap... a dress from NZ - Norway $6. Thanks NZ post for keeping it real!